Saturday, July 23, 2011

What's on Your Mind?

A month ago we invited members to ask questions and receive personal answers from directors at large, staff, or other leaders. We received almost 30 questions ranging from district location assignments to our partnership with CDIA. The most popular questions centered around substandard pay/decrease in hours, overseas transcription (including outsourcing and HIPAA requirements), certification (both RMT and CMT), how to effectively participate in AHDI and MT growth, and getting a job in the industry. Every question submitted has been answered, and we invite further conversations using the What’s on Your Mind contact form.

We sponsored a series of open letters this year, tackling many of these same issues in a broader arena and invite you to read these association position pieces at your leisure. Those open letters were followed at the time of publication with discussions on the AHDI Lounge, another forum where we encourage discussion, questions, and opinions. AHDI is also on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter—surely representing opportunities to fit any agenda. Want to talk? Let us know!

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