Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Jobs Posted in AHDI’s Career Connections

AHDI's online Career Connections has a variety of new job openings posted. Visit our website and click "View All Jobs" to learn about the following openings plus other great career opportunities:

  • Medical Language Specialists & Speech Recognition Editors, Digital Transcription Systems
  • HIM Liaison, Intermountain Healthcare
  • Medical Transcriptionist - Pathology, Adventist Midwest Health
  • HIM Analyst, The University of Arizona Medical Center

Click here to view all jobs now.

Monday, October 27, 2014

A Word from Your National Leadership Board

At the NLB meeting of September 22, 2014, much of the discussion among board members and attendees centered around volunteers and volunteer opportunities.

Most AHDI members are aware of what volunteers mean to our association, but it bears repeating: Real-world implementation of our vision and fulfillment of our mission depend upon those members who are willing and able to donate their time, experience, intelligence, and energy to the organization. In today’s changing, challenging environment, this is truer than ever before. Read more.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Download Your Sept/Oct Issue of Plexus Magazine

Your latest issue of Plexus can be downloaded now! Don't miss great features and columns, the latest news, and helpful information related to our professionals theme, Checks and Balances. Credit-worthy, feature articles include:

  • Quality Medical Reports in Today's World (1 MTT)
  • Can Clinician-Created Documentation Work? (0.5 MTT)
  • Reduce Workplace "Bah Humbug" (0.5 PD)
  • Gestational Diabetes: Good Control Means Good Outcome (1 CM)
  • DES: In Utero Exposure and its Consequences (1 CM)

To access this benefit, please remember to log into the AHDI website. Plexus is a benefit included with Individual Professional, Student, Post-Graduate, Sustaining, Corporate, and Educational membership.

View Plexus now.

Find Preapproved Continuing Education Activities

The AHDI Preapproval Program was established by AHDI and the Credentialing Commission for Healthcare Documentation to ensure credentialed candidates have a clear system in which to identify credit-worthy continuing education activities. Third-parties providing continuing education activities for CMTs and CHDSs must have AHDI preapproval to advertise and market activities as AHDI approved.

The list of preapproved continuing education activities is posted on the AHDI website as a downloadable .pdf.

Preapproved CEC Activity

Friday, October 24, 2014

President’s Address—Jethro Bodine Does Genetics

Many years ago, my friend Ellen and I were hired by a publisher to create a research newsletter especially for medical transcriptionists. This was in the early ‘90s, before the advent of the Internet, when computer-chatting over 2400-baud modems was the ultimate in futuristic activity. Ellen and I found that it was best to do our research at the University of Florida’s medical library, a good 2-hour drive away, where we would spend the weekend merrily photocopying journal after journal so we could come up with material for each issue. Read more.

Free From the Library: New Continuing Education in the Online Learning Library

New session recordings have been uploaded to the Online Learning Library. These are free for our Individual Professional Members and all pre-approved for continuing education credits (CECs). The new line-up is as follows:

  1. EHR Playbook of Transcription Managers (CEC: 1 PD)
  2. Power Tools for Editing (CEC: 1 MTT)
  3. Employ Common Cents (er, Sense) - Learn to Think Critically! (CEC: 1 MTT)
  4. New Terms and Tricks for Evolving Health Care (CEC: 0.5 CM and 0.5 MTT)
  5. Career Evolution: From MT to Document Creation Analyst (CEC: 1 TW)
  6. Rebranding: From MT to Data Analyst (CEC: 1 PD)

Visit the Online Learning Library to download these recorded webinar presentations (valid login required; available to AHDI Individual Professional members only).

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Ask Dr. Word Wizard

In his new column, Ask Dr. Word Wizard, Richard Lederer will answer your burning questions about grammar and punctuation. Are you stumped by compound modifiers? Unsure of the meaning of an adverbial phrase? Email your questions to Professional Practices and look for the answers in the next issue of Plexus! Please include "Ask Dr. Word Wizard" in the subject line.