Monday, June 8, 2015

ICD-10 Position Statement

AHDI recently released a position statement in support of ICD-10 implementation. Given the in-depth clinical documentation knowledge and expanded skill set of our workforce, we are uniquely positioned to help facilitate adoption of ICD-10.

This position statement outlines numerous ways in which healthcare documentation specialists serve as an important partner to clinicians. In addition, AHDI has created tools to assist healthcare organizations and service providers with establishing and maintaining dictation best practices, quality metrics, quality review of clinician-created documentation, and patient engagement and verification. These tools match ICD-10 expectations and prepare clinicians, the documentation sector, and HIM departments to meet or exceed ICD-10 documentation consistency as it relates to pre-authentication documentation.

We encourage all who work in the healthcare documentation arena to download and read AHDI's Position Statement on ICD-10 Implementation.

Read more position statements by AHDI.

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