Friday, July 22, 2011

Getting to Know AHDI CEO Nancy Brighindi, PhD, CAE

When asked recently what drew Nancy to AHDI, Nancy provided some wonderful insight: "I was first attracted to AHDI because of its mission. That's what caught my interest and why I applied for the position.

photo of Nancy Brighindi

The organization truly makes a difference in the lives of patients. Coming from a healthcare association background where I was for 11 years, it was important for me to move to another association where I felt the organization was doing good work for society. Otherwise, I would have really hesitated leaving my job. During my interview for the position, I could tell how caring the people were and how committed to the organization they were. That gave me a good feeling for the industry and the people. Couple that with my interest in association management and I was very interested in working with everyone involved with the organization."

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