Thursday, December 4, 2014

New Items Added to AHDI’s Clearance Rack

Many new items have been marked down in price in order to clear them from our inventory. Visit our online store for product descriptions and to make your purchase today.

sale A Career in Medical Transcription – SAVE $10
Clearance Price: $15 Eligible Members/$25 List Price
This invaluable resource can help guide you through the early decisions for stepping in to the dynamic profession of healthcare documentation.

Getting Your Foot In the Door: Two Years' Experience Not Required – SAVE $10
Clearance Price: $15 Eligible Members/$25 List Price
This ebook is dedicated to providing students and post-graduates the tools and knowledge to position themselves and open up the doors of opportunity without "two years of experience."

Willie Getwell – SAVE $10
CECs: 10 MTT
Clearance Price: $15 Eligible Members/$25 List Price
With 40 transcribed and speech-recognized drafts, this is designed to enhance your skills in the area of editing and error recognition.

Educational CD Bundle – SAVE 40%
CECs: 10 MTT (Willie Getwell)
Clearance Price: $60 Eligible Members/$75 List Price
This bundle includes four educational CDs: Mega MT Challenge I & II; CMT Prep Quizzes, Vol. 1; and the editing tool Willie Getwell.

CMT Prep Quizzes CDs Vol. 1-3 – SAVE $15 each
Clearance Price: $20 Eligible Members/$30 List Price each
Each CD contains 240 questions, answers and descriptions as found in the 2005 - 2010 issues of Plexus magazine.

Mega Challenge CDs Vol. I & II – SAVE $15 each
Clearance Price: $20 Eligible Members/$30 List Price each
Each of these CDs contains hundreds of questions related to the practice of medical transcription.

2011 Annual Conference Session Recordings (DVD Boxed Set) – SAVE $100
Clearance Price: $99 Eligible Members/$129 List Price
This 8-disc DVD boxed set delivers over 30 CECs' worth of noteworthy material including fantastic educational sessions, keynotes, The Great Debate, and bonus material. Visit the AHDI website for a complete list of sessions included.

2013 Annual Conference Session Recordings (Digital Files) – SAVE 20%
Full-Set Clearance Price: $152 Eligible Members/$176 List Price
Single-Day Clearance Price: $72 Eligible Members/$84 List Price each
You will enjoy instant access to recorded webinars with the speaker’s presentation slides and audio recording. Visit the AHDI website for the list of sessions available in the full set and single days.

2010-2014 AHDI Conference Pins – SAVE 50%
Clearance Price: $5.00 Eligible Members/$8.00 List Price

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