Thursday, February 14, 2013

Dedicated Student Track at ACE!

Students, we know the concerns you face, demands of your time, and mindfulness of where every penny goes. So this year we are putting together a special track of educational sessions geared toward your needs. Topics planned include:

  • Voice/Speech Recognition—an overview of VR/SR software, what it is, how it’s used, what it can (and can't) do. Will include a demonstration.
  • Critical Thinking Skills—learn how to think critically, problem-solve, recognize clues, and make good decisions as you transcribe and edit medical reports.
  • Electronic Health Record Platform Demo—learn the complete story of what happens with an EHR, how narrative is included in the EHR, and find out where healthcare documentation specialists fit in.
  • Finding a Job, Putting Your Best Foot Forward—find out what professional skills recruiters look for, how to craft a resume, prepare for an entry test, what paperwork to expect upon getting hired, professional phone and email etiquette.

Join us Thursday, August 1, for these great sessions as well as the opening keynote speaker, the AHDI Integrity Awards, browse the exhibit hall, and much more!

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