Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Credentialing Development Team (CDT) 2013 - Share Your Expertise

Are you passionate about the need for a credentialed workforce? Do you possess the subject matter expertise and experience to support AHDI's goals for credentialing? The AHDI credentialing development team (CDT) is looking for strong CMT leadership to oversee programmatic policies and decisions related to AHDI's credentialing and recredentialing programs. The program will need engaged leaders who strongly support the association's goals for promoting a mandatory credential and moving our workforce to a fully credentialed status. As a CDT member, you will be asked to participate in policy decisions and program discussions, provide review and feedback on credit-worthy resources and programs, and contribute to the dialogue on the value of credentialing through association publications and events. If you have a strong interest in this role, hold a current CMT credential, and can commit to a 2-year term on the committee, please contact Tina Wilson at

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