Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Vendor Affiliate Benefit of the Month

Web File Storage Services is a leading web-based file storage system that provides an easy-to-use solution for storing, accessing, and sharing computer files. With 256-bit encryption, TrueShare equips medical transcriptionists with a safe and secure system to upload and download any file type.

One of the many key features of TrueShare is the Auto-Tran for Windows application. Auto-Tran can be used to automatically receive files from clients on an hourly, daily, or weekly schedule. You can also utilize Auto-Tran to schedule downloads of processed files back to your clients. TrueShare fits naturally and easily into most transcription businesses without requiring change, and every Business Account includes unlimited users, enabling you to establish an account for each of your employees and clients with no extra costs. TrueShare enhances your business processes and gives your clients confidence that their information is safe and secure!

AHDI MEMBERS RECEIVE - a 10% discount off the monthly TrueShare rate.

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