Monday, August 1, 2011

Back to Basics—August Deal of the Month!

We want to ensure that every member of the Association has a copy of The Book of Style for Medical Transcription, 3rd edition, so we are offering a discount for the month of August! This widely acclaimed industry standards manual has long been the trusted resource for data capture and documentation standards in health care. The 3rd edition delivers a streamlined and strategically reorganized flow of critical data, enhanced explanation of standards and practical application, robust examples taken from clinical medicine settings, and so much more.

Book of style 3rd edition

Highlights in this edition

  • Detailed, comprehensive content explanations and rationale for standards and style
  • Style application examples taken from a clinical medicine context
  • A complete chapter dedicated to medical record types and formats, including turn-around times (TATs)
  • A complete chapter dedicated to medical record privacy, security, and integrity
  • A complete chapter dedicated to amending and modifying the patient record
  • Trend Notes that alert the reader to the current and/or potential impact of emerging technologies on a particular standard of style
  • An entire section of chapters addressing trends and drivers in the industry
  • Medical specialty chapters with organized standards, including new classification systems
  • Cross-referencing throughout the text to redirect users to related information and standards

For the month of August, we are going back to basics and offering all membership levels a discount on this crucial reference guide. All full membership categories receive just over a 20% discount from the normal price. Associate level members will receive standard member pricing.

Normal Price: $50 Eligible Members/$70 List Price

Sale Price: $45.00 eligible members/$50 Associate & Associate Student members/$70 list

Order Your Copy Today!

Bulk Discounts: Are available for orders over 50. Please contact Kelly Kappmeier for estimates.

Purchase Orders: Must be faxed into the AHDI offices at 209-527-9633.

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