Monday, July 25, 2011

All Around the World Welcome Reception at ACE 2011

Join us for this exciting opening event where attendees will be welcomed with international flair! At the "All Around the World" welcome reception, attendees and exhibitors will experience the sights, sounds, foods and beverages from nations around the world. Our exhibitors are excited to host an international bazaar, each representing a different country in décor and design. Attendees are encouraged to celebrate their international heritage by dressing in the traditional clothing or colors of their native country. Anonymous judges will be among the crowd to judge the best-dressed attendees, with the winner receiving a complimentary full registration to ACE 2012 in Indianapolis, IN! So, don’t be shy! Grab your lederhosen, kimono, or dashiki and join the fun! Exhibitors will also be competing for your votes! Attendees will determine which exhibitor has the best booth décor and design and who has the most personable staff. Don’t miss this event—it is sure to be out of this world!

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