Tuesday, May 17, 2011

MT Week: Celebrating You!

Medical transcriptionists and editors make a high-impact contribution to patient safety and coordinated care every day by making sure patient care encounters are captured and recorded accurately and securely. But with the evolution of electronic health record systems (EHRs), the traditional role of the MT is transitioning to a hybrid one, where advanced clinical knowledge and orientation to emerging technologies will be critical. One of the most rapidly evolving roles for MTs is in the area of speech recognition (SR) editing. Whether or not you are currently asked to apply your knowledge and skills to the editing of SRT draft documents, it’s highly likely you will be at some point in your career.

Celebrate yourself during MT week by treating yourself to some professional pampering. Give your skills an upgrade by learning SRT editing to enhance your professional portfolio. To support you in this effort, AHDI and TRSi are offering an MT Week special for our SRT Editing Course - $100 off the June SRT course if you register during the month of May.

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