Monday, May 16, 2011

The History of MT Week - Celebrating 26 Years!

Established in 1985 by proclamation from then President Ronald Reagan, National Medical Transcriptionist Week is celebrated annually in the third week of May to bring public and industry-wide attention to the role and contribution of medical transcriptionists in healthcare delivery and clinical documentation. MTs around the country embrace this week as an opportunity to show their support of each other, and MT employers, managers and clients are encouraged to likewise celebrate their medical transcriptionists in the workplace in a unique and special way as well as by participating in national initiatives that promote the profession. This year marks the 26th year medical transcriptionists have had their profession officially recognized.

Find out more about our MT Week campaign to showcase the work of MTs in preserving America’s healthcare story. Check out our MT Week page! Also check the AHDI Home Page each day this week for more MT week information and special deals!

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