Monday, April 4, 2011

Healthcare Documentation Quality Assessment and Management Best Practices Tool Kit - Now Available for Downloading!

In July 2010 a committee comprised of distinguished experts from the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity, the Medical Transcription Industry Association (now the Clinical Documentation Industry Association), and the American Health Information Management Association published a comprehensive revision of standards and best practices in healthcare documentation quality assessment and management. This document, Healthcare Documentation Quality Assessment and Management Best Practices, provides a standardized approach to measuring, reporting, and improving documentation for patient safety and documentation accuracy. Moreover, fundamental principles of quality in healthcare documentation are reevaluated and revised in light of the new technological and policy environments of the 21st century.

The Quality Assessment and Management Tool Kit has been created by another group of industry experts to assist all users with understanding and implementing this new approach. It provides a set of explanatory and operational tools that are intended to be adapted to users’ own needs. Review the tool kit today!

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