Wednesday, April 6, 2011

EHR Readiness Tool Kit

Are you an MT preparing for emerging and evolving roles in the EHR? Did you know that AHDI has an EHR Readiness Tool Kit to assist you in promoting the value of your services as EHR facilitators? This tool kit is designed to orient healthcare documentation workers to the electronic health record, what it means to healthcare organizations seeking to adopt an EHR, and what an MT needs to know in order to prepare for that transition as a member of the health information management team. Each downloadable file will provide MTs with information, resources, and expert opinions on how to navigate this transition.

We also recently added a one-page flyer that is designed to assist MTs in promoting the value of their services as EHR facilitators. An MT who has utilized the tool kit to prepare for EHR integration can be of significant contributory value to a physician or clinic that is looking at the challenges of adoption. The MTs as EHR Facilitators flyer can be downloaded, duplicated, and distributed to clients, employers, and colleagues to promote this emerging role for MTs.

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