Friday, November 19, 2010

Credentialing Qualifying Exam - Eligibility Coming Soon!

As AHDI completes the final phases of beta testing for the Credentialing Qualifying Exam (CQE), consider a New Year’s resolution to finally earn a professional credential. AHDI hopes to open eligibilities by the end of this year. The new Credential Qualifying Exam will offer candidates the ability to test for both the RMT and CMT exam in a single exam session. As of January 2011, the RMT will become a required prerequisite for the CMT credential, and candidates seeking access to the CMT will be required to either pass the RMT and come back later for the CMT or sit for the combined Level 1/Level 2 CQE. The CQE is not designed for new MTs and industry graduates or anyone else who has not had a minimum of 2 years’ acute-care experience necessary to access the level 2 CMT content. RMTs can opt for the CMT exam alone. If you have your RMT credential already, you would take only the CMT exam. Stay connected to AHDI to receive the latest updates on exam launch and when candidates can seek eligibility for January exams—anticipated in mid-December.

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