Monday, May 25, 2015

Win a One-Year AHDI Individual Professional Membership!

Individually and collectively, we have important stories to tell--our stories--about the critical errors we catch and correct or flag on a daily basis. Healthcare documentation specialists are important to patient safety, but it seems like we're the only ones who know that. We've been "invisible" far too long.

So here is your chance to make a difference! We need our workforce VISIBLE and our VOICES heard. We're asking for individual and group video submissions, stating the reason you became an MT/HDS, why it's important to patient care, and why stakeholders should embrace the knowledge and skills HDSs bring to the table.

Download the "My HDS Story" video information packet and guidelines for full details. This packet includes tips, how-to and sample videos, resources, and much more!

We challenge individuals, MTSOs, components, and MT/HDS departments to get on board and submit a video testimonial! AHDI will use clips from these to create a series of videos to go viral and help get our message out, and all participants will be entered into a drawing to win one of several great prizes, including a 1-year AHDI Individual Professional membership!

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