Thursday, October 23, 2014

Online Proctored Credentialing Exam Update

AHDI's testing partner Kryterion, who administers AHDI credentialing exams, will undergo an update to their system soon. This will allow test takers the ability to use Windows 8 or a Mac computer to take their exam, which currently are incompatible. During this transition, from approximately November 13 through November 30, test takers will not be able to schedule or take an Online Proctored (OLP) exam. AHDI test takers will be able to schedule and take OLP Exams through November 12, 2014. AHDI test takers can continue to schedule and take Onsite exams and can purchase and take practice exams.

The only exams impacted during this time will be the RHDS/CHDS OLP exams.

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