Tuesday, September 23, 2014

President's Message: Who, Where, or What is AHDI?

A long time ago, if you had asked me about AHDI, I would have told you it was a faceless organization run by a bunch of people who lived next door to Ernest and Julio Gallo. You know, because the Gallo Wine corporation is based out of Modesto, California, and so is AHDI. I'm a big fan of Gallo, because I'm the kind of girl who buys wine that costs no more than $5 a bottle, so I imagined AHDI was situated in Napa Valley, surrounded by vineyards and rich people sipping wine in the golden light of California afternoons. My Californian comrades, please forgive my geographic cluelessness--I’ve never been to Modesto!

But over my years of involvement with this organization, I've come to realize that AHDI isn't a faceless organization run by wine-sipping aristocrats in suits. No, AHDI is us. AHDI is its members. It is by, for, and about its members. And like family, we don't always agree on everything, but we sure do get a lot done, and we try to have fun doing it. Read more.

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