Thursday, January 16, 2014

Credentialing Corner: Validate Your Breadth of Knowledge to Employers

The healthcare landscape looks different nearly every day, and putting RHDS or CHDS after your name will be like an instant message to your employer that you’re well-prepared, knowledgeable, and a valuable member of the healthcare team. Your credential will also:

  • Validate your breadth of knowledge and skills to employers.
  • Demonstrate that you take initiative and go above the minimum requirements.
  • Distinguish you from those without a credential.
  • Raise your employer’s confidence in you when introducing new technologies or services.
  • Keep you marketable in the event of cutbacks or mergers.
  • Provide you with personal satisfaction that you’ve earned your credential.

Get ready to put four authoritative letters after your name.
AHDI offers a variety of resources to help you prepare for your credentialing exam. Pick what will work best for you based on your unique learning style. AHDI’s credentialing prep products were developed for the current exam blue prints, so they are immediately "RHDS Ready" and "CHDS Ready." Explore our prep products.

Take a test run with a practice exam.
AHDI practice exams will give you the chance to experience what the exam will be like before you sit for your credentialing exam. The practice exams encompass both cognitive assessment (multiple-choice) questions and audio items, represent potential content domains under the exam blue prints, and should give you an overall impression of exam scope, format, and acclimate you with the testing environment. Learn about the practice exams.

Submit your eligibility and register for the exam.
Before registering to take your exam, you need to first submit your eligibility to AHDI. You’ll receive an "Authorization-to-Test" email with a login and password to the Kryterion Webassessor™ platform. Eligibility information will be exported to Kryterion, and you will pay for and schedule your exam with Kryterion. Explore the testing options and pricing.

So whether you are a new graduate or working in a single specialty and will be going for your RHDS, or you have been transcribing and editing in an acute-care setting for years and will be going for your CHDS, we’ve got you covered. It won’t be long before your fingers are perched over your keyboard to send your good news viral!