Tuesday, March 12, 2013

ACE 2013 - Keynote Sessions Announced

We are proud to announce both our Opening and Closing Keynote speakers for our Annual Convention and Expo!

Dalia Al-Othman, Esq., will be opening the conference on Thursday, August 1, with her session, "The Medical Record and Beyond: Patient Advocacy in Today's Healthcare System." Attendees will learn why patient advocates are crucial if we want to move toward a new model of patient-centered health care, as well as what is meant by private, professional patient advocacy and how this term applies to an exciting new field/profession in health care. (1 ML)

Dr. Scott Terrell with Walt Disney Parks and Resorts will close the convention on Saturday, August 3, with "Exploring the Magic of Disney's Animal Healthcare Program," a behind-the-scenes look into the animal healthcare program at Walt Disney World. He will demonstrate how they achieve their primary mission of "delivering excellence in animal health care on a local and global level."

Both of these speakers are well revered in their fields and are passionate about their work. Join us in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, to hear from these great speakers and more. Download the ACE 2013 Online Brochure to read more about these presentations and others at ACE 2013.

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