Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Your Record Speaks: AHDI Public Awareness Campaign

About the campaign
This is a grassroots initiative to reach out and engage individuals (patients) to read their health record and check it for accuracy and completeness. We care about our credit score and will check it often, but what about our health records? It’s time to engage patients to take ownership in checking and tracking their medical history and records. In turn, this will drive demand for the precise capture of patient health stories.

Download the Poster
Visit to download the poster. Other materials will be available soon to print and distribute, such as postcards, buttons, and magnets.

Step 1: Check YOUR Health Records
To kick off this campaign, AHDI members and other volunteers are being asked to check their health records first. We will then use those personal experiences to:

  • Understand what roadblocks the general public will encounter to develop frequently asked questions (FAQs) for our campaign.
  • Create concrete examples about errors found in our own health records to create powerful stories to share with the media.
  • Identify and develop channels for the general public to get help in checking their health record.

Step 2: Submit Examples of Errors by March 29
AHDI will collect members' stories and create an online repository that we’ll be able to point to in our campaign. Submit examples of your health record errors (exclude PHI, please!) to by March 29, 2013. Please specially mark any critical errors and what should have been documented.

Step 3: Stay Tuned!
This campaign is being designed so everyone can get involved and information will continue to be shared throughout the year. Please participate and directly contribute to advancing our vision: champion excellence in healthcare documentation and advance patient safety through precise capture of the patient's health story.

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