Thursday, November 8, 2012

Content Experts Needed

AHDI is recruiting a group of volunteers to work on a special project for the purpose of identifying and addressing the myriad questions and concerns managers and supervisors face every day related to value-added marketing, QA best practices in the EHR, and future roles. We are looking for dedicated volunteers willing to share their knowledge, skills, and expertise in the following areas:

Value-Added Marketing: This section will address how to market the value of your department to upper management, creating a dashboard as a way to measure productivity and subsequent savings in costs. Sherry Doggett, chair; volunteers needed.

QA Best Practices in the EHR: This section will address physician-entry data practices, ongoing evaluation of processes, and continuing education and training of physicians and staff. Kathy Lengel, chair; volunteers needed.

Future Roles: This section will address cross training, changes in job descriptions of existing personnel, creation of new jobs, educational training, and how to promote your staff. Lynn Noble, chair; volunteers needed.

Once information is compiled for each section, it will be formatted into an easy-to-use downloadable eBook. This will be an invaluable reference tool for healthcare documentation managers, supervisors, and business owners.

Join this dynamic team in the development of this valuable eBook by emailing Tina Wilson at and Lynn Noble at by November 12, 2012.

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