Friday, September 7, 2012

AHDI Calls for Equitable Compensation & Recognition of Healthcare Documentation Specialists

One of AHDI's most important initiatives this year is a position paper reflecting the added value healthcare documentation specialists can bring to EHR adoption and that pay models must be changed to reflect the new roles, which may not be amenable to production pay.

Please circulate this statement broadly to your professional network, co-workers, and employers. At the same time, AHDI is distributing it widely to the media, business decision-makers, healthcare associations and groups, and government agencies and legislators. It is imperative that the entire healthcare community receives this message.

The Roles and Value of Healthcare Documentation Specialists and Equitable Compensation Practices can be summarized with these three key points:

  1. Healthcare documentation specialist as an umbrella term for medical transcriptionists, QA specialists, speech recognition editors, and other roles related to patient documentation

  2. The critically valuable role healthcare documentation specialists play in the everyday documentation of patient records and the importance of our continued outreach efforts to the healthcare community, government, and academic leaders to acknowledge and utilize healthcare documentation specialists in roles for which we are well suited

  3. The need for compensation models that take into consideration the knowledge and skills required to perform the job duties and related tasks

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