Thursday, August 30, 2012

Equitable Compensation Position Paper Released & Healthcare Documentation Olympians Celebrated

At ACE 2012, AHDI's annual business meeting was held on August 9 to present a review of the past year's accomplishments, 2011 financial report, and a look ahead with the release of the new strategic plan. Headlining the meeting was Sherry Doggett, AHDI's 2011-2012 President, who led the audience in a celebration of our association's accomplishments over the past year. Despite a year of financial challenges, our member volunteers and staff worked hard to successfully release a number of new resources and tools now available to AHDI members:

  • Model Curriculum for Healthcare Documentation, 5th Edition

  • eSource for Healthcare Documentation Instructors

  • Healthcare Documentation Specialist title approved

  • AHDI strategic plan and priorities

  • National Hometown Advocacy Week

  • EHR Future Roles survey results (download complete study or the summary)

  • Position statement on the value of healthcare documentation specialists and equitable compensation (download the paper)

Click here to read the full update.

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