Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Participate in Project Linus at ACE 2012

Nearly 20 years ago ACE 2012 Keynote Karen Loucks Rinedollar founded an organization called Project Linus. This charitable group is dedicated to providing comfort to children in need by donating handmade security blankets.

The Great Lakes Region, our host component for ACE 2012, has adopted this initiative, providing you with a few simple and fun ways to donate a piece of your heart to a child in need. Whether you take some time during your ACE experience to sign a square of fabric at the "Make a Blanket Station," or you simply bring your own blanket and drop it in the donation bin at the registration desk, you can make a difference in a child's life. If you aren't coming to ACE 2012 and you would like to participate, you can hand-carry a blanket into a Project Linus Chapter Office near you. Find a Chapter Office.

Visit the ACE 2012 Blanket Drive page for more details.

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