Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April Deal of the Month

With this month focusing on sharing your success, we're doing a little sharing of our own—we're sharing our prep assessment courses with you at a discounted rate!

RMT Prep Assessment Course
Rate: $80 eligible member rate/$100 list price

Consisting of objective tests and transcribing practice, this course assesses your knowledge level in a variety of areas. Paired with a practice exam of 33 voice files and 97 objective questions, the RMT Prep Assessment course is a great way to prepare yourself for your exam!

Register for the RMT Prep Assessment Course today!

CMT Prep Assessment Course
Rate: $100 eligible member rate/$120 list price

Designed to help prepare you for the CMT exam, this course consists of objective tests and transcription practice that will assess your knowledge of level 2 content. The practice exam of 38 voice files and 82 objective questions only adds to the ability of the CMT Prep Assessment course to help you study for your exam! NOTE: This course has been recently updated to align with the CMT Exam Blue Print.

Register for the CMT Prep Assessment Course today!

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