Monday, April 9, 2012

ACE Sessions Cultivate the Future of Healthcare Documentation

Sparking your growth means learning about what the future holds - for you and for the industry. This year continuing education at ACE will focus on those different aspects of growth and how they will cultivate your future with sessions like "The Next Era of Healthcare Documentation" and "Robotic-Assisted Therapies in the Pediatric Population."

In his presentation, "The Next Era of Healthcare Documentation," Keith Belton, senior director of solutions marketing for Nuance Healthcare, will discuss the current landscape of healthcare documentation workflow as it exists today and provide a vision for what the next few years will look like. Addressing the impact that various documentation technologies are having, and will continue to have, on documentation workflow, Keith will examine guidelines and real-world anecdotes to outline best practices that leaders are leveraging to ensure documentation can evolve beyond a process-driving workflow.

This presentation will explore the evolving role of the healthcare documentation specialist and how the right combination of technology, workflow best practices, and medical editing teams can deliver ongoing benefits for the industry.

While Belton focuses on what the future holds for the role of the healthcare documentation specialist, Ryan Cardinal, clinical program manager for the Riley Hospital for Children Robotic Rehabilitation Center at Indiana University Health, will focus on a new and emerging trend that may make its way into some of the healthcare records you're working on, in his presentation "Robotic-Assisted Therapies in the Pediatric Population."

Capitalizing on components of motor learning and neuro-placticity, Cardinal will explain how robotic-assisted therapies may be used to augment traditional rehabilitation paradigms by providing increased levels of repetition and consistency that are difficult to attain in traditional clinical settings and how this rehabilitation is being explored among those in the pediatric population.

This session will introduce the various pieces of robotic technology being utilized by the Robotic Center, explore the theoretical constructs driving the application of this equipment, share preliminary results from current research endeavors, and outline future lines of inquiry.

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