Monday, September 19, 2011

Volunteers Needed to Join AHDI's Outreach Workgroup for News & Networking

AHDI's Outreach Workgroup for News & Networking (OWNN) is looking for enthusiastic, goal-focused people to join this workgroup. The primary objective of AHDI's Outreach Workgroup for News and Networking (OWNN) consists of external messaging, oversight of the news and media, and viral communication to ensure delivery of a clear and unified message about who we are and what our contribution to healthcare delivery is and should be. To help with this effort, OWNN also coordinates webinars to help train component liaisons in the above-listed areas that relate to social networking.

Note: We are also looking for a Linked In expert to present on this topic to our component social media specialists. If you are well-versed user of Linked In and are willing to present, or are interested in joining OWNN, please contact Kristin Wall (


jfsinel07 said...

I would like to recommend one of my friend who is a well versed in using linked in. I just want to know their terms of workloads. Thanks!

social media for schools

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your help. This would be a 1-hour presentation. Please contact Kristin Wall at directly with any questions or the name and contact info of your friend.