Friday, September 23, 2011

New Webinar Series: "Looking Forward: The Future of Healthcare Documentation"

AHDI's newest webinar series, "Looking Forward: The Future of Healthcare Documentation," features a lineup of volunteer speakers from all facets of the medical transcription industry. Organized and moderated by past president Kathy Nicholls, CMT, AHDI-F, these webinars focus on important issues facing transcriptionists today, including the importance of risk-tasking, efficiency tools, successful job search skills, and HIPAA requirements. Kathy's message to all MTs is this: "Our profession is undergoing radical changes and it's critical for us to figure out future roles where we can apply our knowledge. To do that, we have to poke the box and take action. Join me for this first session where we'll talk just about that!"

Kathy has challenged us to "Poke the Box" and lower the price on this webinar series! She will kick off the series with a complimentary session next week, with additional webinars schedule through the end of the year for only $10 each. These webinars cover all continuing education categories!

AHDI is committed to offering you quality information and education you're looking for at an affordable price. Sign up today for one or all of these great educational opportunities! Please note that registration closes the business day before each webinar.

Starting Projects, Making a Ruckus, and Taking More Risks - Register Now (this webinar is complimentary)
September 27, 2011
4:00 – 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time

Kathy Nicholls, CMT, AHDI-F

"What would our world look like if more people started projects, made a ruckus, and took more risks" - Seth Godin

That quote is the intro to Seth Godin's book "Poke the Box." What an appropriate question for the profession of medical transcription today! With this, we'll spend some time poking the box, talking about how that might look, and challenging you to make a ruckus and take more risks.

Boosting Your Paycheck with Expanders! - Register Now
October 6, 2011
3:00 – 4:00 p.m. Pacific Time
CEC: 1 TW or 1 MTT

Laura Bryan, CMT, AHDI-F

This webinar will introduce methods for creating text expansion shortcuts. It will cover systematic approaches to creating shortcuts to help with recall and also for the most efficient use of shortcuts by keeping your fingers close to the home keys. Both transcriptionists and SRT editors will learn clever ways to increase their productivity. These ideas and techniques are applicable to any brand of text expansion software.

Job Search Skills is the New EHR World - Register Now
October 18, 2011
3:00 – 4:00 p.m. Pacific Time

Kathy Nicholls, CMT, AHDI-F

There are many more resources today than in the past for job searches, and the new world of the EHR gives MTs additional opportunities. In this webinar, we will talk about creating that perfect resume, using social networking to your advantage, as well as professional safety in social networking. Learn how to seek out those emerging roles in the EHR and find things that might fit your skills.

Research Skills 2.0 for the MT - Register Now
November 4, 2011
3:00 – 4:00 p.m. Pacific Time

Cheryl Blake, CMT

Great research skills are a big part of being a good MT. The options for researching things today are greater than ever before. Join us to discover how to develop your research skills 2.0 with the technology we have available to us!

What's New with HIPAA? - Register Now
November 16, 2011
3:00 – 4:30 p.m. Pacific Time
CEC: 1.5 ML

Brenda Hurley, CMT, AHDI-F

This presentation will cover new HIPAA changes and will clarify some of the existing requirements. The material covered will include the proposed rule for the Accounting of Disclosures and its Access Reports, the importance of the Designated Record Set and what it is, Data Breaches and the Risk of Harm related to breach notification requirements, the newly announced HIPAA audits and important tips for preparing for those audits, as well as data security questions that all Business Associates need to be able to answer. No matter your role in healthcare documentation, there will be something for everyone in this packed presentation!

Dreaming of a Good Night's Sleep: Parasomnias and Other Sleep Disorders - Register Now
December 1, 2011
3:00 – 4:00 p.m. Pacific Time

Deborah Nolan, CMT

Sleep apnea, night terrors, hypnagogic hallucinations, or plain old insomnia? Sleep disorders can lead to all sorts of physiological and psychological sequelae. In this hour, we'll discuss sleep disorders, why and how they occur, and how we can improve our sleep hygiene.

Let's Chat About Medicolegal Terms: It's More Than HIPAA - Register Now
December 15, 2011
3:00 – 4:00 p.m. Pacific Time

Kim Buchanan, CMT, AHDI-F

This webinar will cover the laws that apply specifically to healthcare personnel, the concepts of breach of contract, tort, standard of care, the doctrine of informed consent, the 4 D's of negligence, and more.

Did you read this email all the way to the end? Here is a surprise. At the end of each webinar you will be prompted to enter the name of your component association – that is your local chapter, state/regional association, or web-based association. The AHDI component with the most participants for the entire webinar series will win a $25 gift certificate to use on any AHDI purchase!


S Evans said...

Any chance of getting to watch these webinars after they have aired? Sometimes I am just not able to sit in at the desginated times. Thanks.

Karen Fox-Acosta, CMT, AHDI-F said...

@ S Evans: First step is registering for the webinar. Once you have registered, you will be able to receive a link to the webinar after it has aired so you can watch it when your schedule allows.

Karen Fox-Acosta, CMT, AHDI-F said...

@S Evans: Great question!

First step will be to register for the webinar. As a registrant, you'll receive a link to the webinar after the event has aired that you can access in accordance with your schedule. The link notice will advise you on how long the link will be live.

Kathy Nicholls said...

All of the webinars are recorded and if you register for them, you are given a link to view the recording. Hope that helps!

Kathy Nicholls said...

Each webinar is recorded and if you register for it, you do receive a link to the recording so you can view it on your own timeframe. Hope that helps.

Rozanna said...

Can you register for a webinar after it's aired, then recieve the link to view the recording? Thank you!

AHDI said...

Hi Rozanna, no, there is a close date for registration listed with each webinar post that you must pre-register by.