Thursday, June 23, 2011

Love a Good Debate? We Need You at ACE!

This year AHDI will be launching a new session concept at ACE in Phoenix. The Great Debate will be a 2-hour, facilitated, collegiate-style debate on five key industry topics (see below), many of which have arisen out of this year’s Let’s Talk About open letter series from our Board of Directors. Each topic will be presented by both point and counterpoint opening statements, followed by timed debate from the floor and an audience poll. We are looking for attendees with good presentation skills and a strong affinity for either the point or counterpoint for each these hot topics:
  1. “Mandatory” Credentialing: Worth the Effort or Waste of Time?
  2. Offshore Outsourcing: Restrict it or Regulate it?
  3. Incentive Compensation: Carrot or Stick?
  4. Trending Technology (EHR/SRT): Threat to Transcription or Opportunity for Growth?
  5. AHDI & CDIA Partnership: Collaboration or Conflict?
If you would be interested in writing and presenting the opening point or counterpoint on any of these issues, please contact Lea Sims, CMT, AHDI-F, as soon as possible so we can finalize our schedule for this event.

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