Friday, May 20, 2011

Celebrate MT Week with….Other MTs!!

We know that the at-home nature of medical transcription can often be an isolated, disconnected occupation, with few opportunities to interact and network with colleagues who understand and appreciate your professional experience. There is no better way to “associate” with industry colleagues and build professional relationships than through membership in AHDI. AHDI members all around the country are gathering this week at component meetings and state conferences to celebrate the contributory value of MTs in healthcare and to build and sustain the relationships they’ve made through the association. Won’t you join them?

If you want to make a meaningful investment in your career, consider beginning that journey with AHDI membership. Visit our Why Join AHDI? page to learn more about the value of membership and the benefits you’ll receive as a member. If you join during the month of May, you’ll be eligible to receive the May benefit of the month. AHDI members seeking access to our credentialing exams will have their eligibility fee waived for the month of May. If you’re planning to take an exam, membership means saving money on your exam. Don’t miss out!

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