Tuesday, March 15, 2011

2011 AHDI Integrity Awards - Nominations Open!

In support of AHDI’s professional programs, standards, and best practices, the Association conducts its annual awards program to acknowledge the significant contributions of its members and other individuals and organizations that have made an impact on the healthcare documentation sector over the previous year. The Association is proud to honor those who have supported the professional practice standards and goals that promote documentation integrity for our sector. The following award categories address the areas of contribution that best align with AHDI’s strategic plan, goals, and objectives as an organization, and we are excited to announce that 2011 nominations are now open for these categories:

Nominations should be submitted electronically and are due no later than Friday, April 29. Nominees will be notified of nomination after committee vote and winners will be announced at the Integrity Awards Luncheon on Sunday, August 21, at the AHDI Annual Convention & Exposition (ACE) in Phoenix, Arizona. Visit the AHDI Integrity Awards page for more information.

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