Friday, January 14, 2011

New Credentialing Exams Launched!

AHDI is excited to announce the official launch of our new credentialing exams and new online testing provider Kryterion! After a long year of marketplace surveying, revision of our exam blue prints, item-writing for our new exams, and conducting an amazingly successful beta exam*, we are ready to open our new exam process. Candidates seeking access to the RMT and CMT exams can now submit eligibility fees via the AHDI eligibility page. The eligibility fee for all exams is $10 and can only be submitted via the AHDI online store (access to exams cannot be sought directly from Kryterion). Eligibility and exam pricing is based on both membership status and current credential (if any). As a reminder, you will not be granted eligibility for the CMT exam unless you have a current RMT credential. New graduates and MTs without the minimum 2 years’ experience in acute care will be granted eligibility for the RMT exam. Level 2 MTs who do not possess a current RMT credential, will be granted eligibility access to both the RMT and the new credential qualifying exam (CQE) and will have the option to register, pay for, and take either exam.

Please be advised that while the CMT and RMT exams are now open for purchase and scheduling, the CQE is currently under technical construction and will not be available until early February. You can check back in February to submit your eligibility fee at that time or you are free to submit it now. If you opt to submit it now, you will receive an Authorization to Test email from AHDI with a login and password to the Kryterion Webassessor® platform, but you will not find the credential qualifying exam (CQE) available in the exam catalog until early February. Your eligibility is good for 90 days from the date it is issued, so you may want to wait until early February to submit your eligibility fee.

*Of 177 beta candidates who took the combined exam, 136 passed the RMT portion, and 41 of those went on to pass the CMT portion, resulting in 95 new RMTs and 41 new CMTs!

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