Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Certification: New Competencies. New Exams. New Options.

AHDI is excited to announce the launch of our revised credentialing program. Our credentialing development team (CDT) and staff have been working diligently for the last year to provide this sector with exams and test taker options that will move our industry toward the goal of transitioning our workforce to a fully credentialed status. We are pleased to offer the industry the following revised programmatic outcomes:

New! Exam Blue Prints – Both the RMT and CMT exam blue prints have been updated to remove duplication of objectives, clarify competencies and objectives based on our 2010 Job Task Analysis, and add competencies related to computer technology, health IT, and SRT editing, per the evolving needs of our marketplace.

New! Exams – The RMT and CMT exams have been completely rewritten, and all previously administered test items have been retired from exam circulation. Candidates will encounter items written specifically to comply with the competency objectives on the new exam blue prints.

New! Policy Change – As of January 1, 2011, the RMT credential will become a required prerequisite for access to the CMT examination. Candidates seeking access to the Level 2 CMT content will now be required to demonstrate Level 1 competency for CMT eligibility.

New! Exam Option – Candidates seeking access to the Level 2 CMT exam who do not already possess a current RMT credential will be required to either (a) take the RMT exam and come back later to take the CMT, or (b) take the new Credential Qualifying Exam (CQE) to have access to both Level 1 RMT and Level 2 CMT content in a single exam session.

New! Testing Provider – AHDI will launch these new exams with Kryterion, a full-service test deployment and delivery company that offers secure, proctored examinations at both on-site testing centers and online via live, webcam-monitored testing sessions. Candidates who can ensure hardware/software compatibility and consistent, high-speed internet connection will have the option of taking AHDI examinations online starting in January.

As you might expect, the enormity and complexity of these changes has meant a complete overhaul of AHDI credentialing guides, web pages, and resource information. We are excited to announce that this information is now available for your review and preparation. Refer to the list in the column to the right for quick access to these resources, but it will be important to start by downloading our updated candidate guide below.

AHDI Credentialing Candidate Guide

The guide houses all the information a potential candidate for examination would need to know about our credentialing process, including:

  • Why Credentials?
  • RMT (Purpose, Blue Prints, Eligibility, Sample Questions, & FAQs)
  • CMT (Purpose, Blue Prints, Eligibility, Sample Questions, & FAQs)
  • CQE (Purpose and Eligibility)
  • Registration and Payment
  • Exam Preparation
  • Kryterion Online Proctoring (OLP)
  • Kryterion On-site Testing
  • Recertification

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