Saturday, June 5, 2010

Ethical Best Practices Manual: Resource Guide for MTs – Coming Soon!

The highly anticipated companion guide to the Manual of Ethical Best Practices for the Healthcare Documentation Sector is in the works! Our Professional Programs team is working around the clock to release this important resource, designed especially for the working MT. This Resource Guide for the Healthcare Documentation Specialist will be composed of all content from the EBP manual uniquely relevant to medical transcriptionists and editors working in an employment setting (MTs working as independent contractors should consider purchasing the full manual, as business associate regulations equally apply to ICs). The guide will provide ethical guidelines for addressing:
  • Compensation structures.
  • Employee vs. independent contractor status.
  • Exempt vs. non-exempt definitions.
  • Sample non-solicitation & non-compete requirements.
  • Work assignment issues, such as “cherry-picking.”
  • Requests for electronic signatures and/or “Dictated but Not Read” statements.
  • Cutting and pasting within and between patient records.
  • Unethical author requests.

Look for all of this and much more in this critical new resources for MTs. Keep watching your AHDI communications for more information about the product release.

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