Friday, May 1, 2009

EHR Implementation Experience & Expertise Needed

The Obama administration has placed a high priority on nationwide EHR adoption, and it is more important than ever for our sector to be an empowered partner in meeting this goal. Resources are critically needed to assist the healthcare documentation sector with facilitating and adapting to client migration to EMR/EHR solutions. What contributing factors should be considered/planned for? How can an individual MT or MTSO best assist clients in seamless transition to a transcription-enabled EMR or EHR? It is the goal of the AHDI/MTIA EHR Task Force to develop and release an EHR Readiness Toolkit, a resource guide for our sector in preparing for healthcare’s migration to an electronic health information infrastructure. To that end, the task force seeks to convene two focus groups with EMR/EHR integration experience to provide experiential insight, recommendations, and feedback that can help shape this resource. Approximately 8-10 MTs or transcription managers/supervisors who have experience as employees with facility migration to an EMR/EHR are needed for one focus group, and approximately 8-10 MTSOs or independent contractors who have been part of a client’s migration to an EMR/EHR are needed for the second focus group. We are asking focus group participants to complete a comprehensive questionnaire, participate in 1-2 meetings, and review the toolkit prior to its release. If you are interested and able to participate, please contact Tiffany Wagner ( or 209-341-2461). A member of the task force will follow up with you.

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