Monday, March 9, 2009

"Knowledge is Everything" for National Medical Transcriptionist Week (May 18-24, 2009)

Every year in May, AHDI celebrates the critical role that healthcare documentation specialists play in the accurate capture and documentation of patient encounter information. In light of our shifting economy, the evolution of enabling technologies (like the EHR and SRT), and the workforce challenges our sector is facing, AHDI is urging all stakeholders in our sector to acknowledge the critical role that an interpretive, skilled knowledge worker will continue to play in the electronic future of healthcare delivery. As we celebrate the impact MTs and editors have on the accurate capture of clinical data, AHDI is calling all healthcare documentation workers to prepare for the future of our industry and be ready to step in to the new roles that will emerge in the EHR. It is the interpretive clinical knowledge of this skilled worker that will continue to make the difference between risk and quality in healthcare documentation.

To that end, AHDI is promoting our MT Week theme - Knowledge is Everything - calling all students, postgraduates, and working MTs in the industry to embrace the path of greatest potential relevance in the future:

  • Graduate from an ACCP-approved school
  • Earn your RMT credential upon graduating from your MT program
  • Adopt Benchmark KB to stay on the cutting edge of clinical information
  • Become an AHDI member and get engaged in professional development and lifelong learning
  • Embrace level II credentialing through the CMT exam
We believe this will be the path to success in the future of healthcare. Are you ready? Find out more at the AHDI MT Week page.

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