Sunday, January 25, 2009

Educational Programs Seek Cutting-edge Tools: Adopt Benchmark KB

The need to position industry students in the right stream of professional information is prompting many MT educational programs to turn to Benchmark KB as a one-stop resource for research data that is critical to performing in today’s documentation sector and to keeping up with the ever-changing arena of clinical language. Just last month, Career Step, the nation’s largest provider of transcription training, announced its adoption of Benchmark KB, recognizing the advantage that integrating such a resource solution at the educational level will provide to students of programs who adopt it. Career Step joins other top-notch MT programs, like Oak Horizons, CanScribe Career Centre, Vancouver MT Community College, Andrews & Holbrook, Sheridan Technical College, and TRS Institute in providing the knowledge base, and the important electronic membership in AHDI that comes with it, to their students. A job-ready workforce continues to be the mutual goal of these programs and AHDI, whose contributions to Benchmark KB are driven by the need to put the very best resources in the hands of the future professionals of the industry. Learn more about Benchmark KB here.

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