Wednesday, November 12, 2008

CDA4CDT Update, November 2008

AHDI, as one of the founding members of the CDA4CDT project, continues forward progress in growing awareness and encouraging involvement by the MTSO community for this initiative. CDA enables the same functionality in free text as structured text. Read more: "The standardization and adoption of standard electronic documents will enlarge and enrich the flow of data into the electronic health record and speed the development of interoperable clinical document repositories for use within the enterprise and regional and national networks. This rapid-development project bridges the gap between narrative documents produced through dictation and the structured, computable records within an EHR." This becomes increasingly important as the HIM sector moves more rapidly toward adoption of ICD-10, which requires more specificity in diagnosis and disease reporting. To learn more of the basic project for CDA4CDT, click here.

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